When playing a game, don't we all want it to look as pretty and high-definition as possible? You need a strong system to run heavy games in high definition and quality, though. In this article, I'll go over some tips and tricks to build the best possible gaming system in your Yocto case.

Choosing the proper hardware

The power supply

There is only one option in this regard: The HDPlex GaN 250W. You can also build your Yocto with a Meanwell power supply, but they are either too large and eat into your GPU clearance or don't pack enough power.

The processor

We need a processor that offers a good balance between power and performance. Our performance budget and heat dissipation aren't unlimited, so we have to choose carefully.

AMD generally offers the best power-to-performance ratio, but their highest-performance chips are out of reach. I would advise either the 5600x or 7600 in stock configuration or the 7600x, 5800x3D or 7800x3D running in Eco-mode or with their PPT limit set to 88W.

The graphics card

The Yocto only supports low profile graphics cards, so the options are limited. There are very interesting low profile graphics cards available at the moment, though. The Gigabyte RTX 4060 Low Profile is the absolute best consumer card available and is highly recommended.

Other options are the RTX 4000 SFF Ada, which is the absolute best but very expensive. There is also the RTX A2000, which can be found cheaper secondhand, but also performs worse than the RTX 4060. Both cards have the benefit of being 75W cards and not requiring an additional power wire.


Building tips

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when building this system. We're putting the hottest and most power-consuming hardware inside the case, so airflow and cable management are key to keeping the temperatures under control.

Make sure to use the general building guide to insert the hardware into your Yocto. On top of that, here are some additional tips:


Airflow is the main aspect that will determine how hot your hardware gets. To get the best possible results, I highly advise to choose the best possible CPU cooler that fits the clearance of your case.

The next big tip is to deshroud your GPU. Deshrouding works very well with the RTX 4060 and will make it quieter and cooler. If you want to use the best possible fans on your deshrouded GPU, you should use two Noctua NF-A6 fans.

Cable management

Stray and messy cables can be a large reason for higher than expected temperatures. I highly advise to use the custom HDPlex wires, which are made to length for Yocto and will not take up more room than required.

Cables that remain longer than required should be strapped together and kept out of the way of any fans or airflow paths.

Do you want to use your Yocto as a gaming console?

Enjoy a handcrafted and stylish home theater or console that you don't have to hide from sight!