Made to order

Custom HDPlex cables

To make cable management easier and more efficient, you can order these special, SFF-friendly cables in various lengths. They use high quality, flexible, black AWG18 wires.

For n3rdware cases, you can see which cables you need in the product titles. The Ronto doesn't need a custom 24-pin cable as the included, short HDPlex cable is perfect.

Make sure to read below how the length of a cable is measured if you're unsure which cable you need.

Important: this product is made to order, lead time is 1-2 weeks.


How is the length measured?

The length of the cables is the effective length of the wire. Because the wire is recessed into the connector, the actual length between the two connectors is about 1,5 cm less than the wires.

The length between the two connectors of a 20 cm cable is about 18,5 cm
The total length of a 20 cm cable is about 22,5 cm