Made to order


Just as stylish as Yocto but smaller! Ronto is perfect for mmall and silent APU builds that do not require a GPU.

Important: this product is made to order, lead time is 3-4 weeks.


Premium and handcrafted

Ronto is handcrafted using premium materials. The core of the case is a large brass baseplate mounted to a 3D printed shell which is printed in a single piece to hide all visible seams.

Tiny yet powerful

Ronto is tiny but fits everything you would need for a high end APU build. An internal power supply of 250 watts will power even the most high end processors.

View Ronto in 3D!

Scroll to zoom, drag left mouse button to rotate and drag right button to move.


  • Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm x 74mm for a total of 3.26 liters
  • Material: Mate black PETG, brass
  • Connectivity: Front USB-C 3.2 port supporting up to 20Gb/s (Type E motherboard connector)
  • Motherboard: Mini-ITX
  • CPU cooler clearance: 48mm
  • Storage: Only M.2 SSD's supported
  • Case fans: Two 60mm fans
  • Power supply: HDPlex 250W GaN AIO