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Yocto is a handcrafted computer case that focuses on smart hardware compatibility and stylish looks. Yocto is perfect as a home theater or gaming console while blending in perfect with your living room.

Yocto+ is a bit taller to allow for CPU coolers up to 48mm and a 2.5 inch drive. Comes with additional mounting system and screws for the drive.


Current batch is in production and is scheduled to be shipped in June.

Premium and handcrafted

Yocto is handcrafted using premium materials. The core of the case is a large brass baseplate mounted to a 3D printed shell which is printed in a single piece to hide all visible seams.

Smart hardware compatibility

Yocto uses standardised components and supports a wide range of hardware. Any mini-ITX motherboard can be used and even low profile GPU's up to 185mm long are supported.

Blends in with your living room

This case feels best at home in your living room. Its stylish looks make it blend in perfectly and the hardware support make it a great home theater pc, gaming console or both!

Make it quiet

Don't like noise in your living room? n3rdware has you covered! The case supports mounting points for two 60mm fans to replace the default, loud fans that come with low profile graphics cards. For a full list of supported cards, click here.


  • Dimensions
    Yocto: 248mm x 213mm x 68mm for a total of 3.59 liters
    Yocto+: 248mm x 213mm x 76mm for a total of 4.01 liters
  • Material: Carbon fibre PETG, brass
  • Connectivity: Front USB-C 3.2 port supporting up to 20Gb/s (Type E motherboard connector)
  • Motherboard: Mini-ITX
  • CPU cooler clearance:
    Yocto: 40mm
    Yocto+: 48mm
  • Graphics card: Dual slot low profile up to 185mm long using included PCIe 4.0 riser board
  • Storage
    Yocto: Only M.2 SSD's supported
    Yocto+: 1x 2.5 inch
  • Case fans: Two mounting points for 60mm fans beneath the GPU for deshrouding
  • Power supply: HDPlex 250W GaN AIO (plug and play)
    Power supply: Meanwell UHP-200 / LSP-160 (limited to 170mm graphics card, custom wiring required, read more here)

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Ichiro Japan
Verified customer
Last Friday, I Received Yocto and build it!
I happened to use a custom cable by Cable MOD
I had made before that was just the right length.
Since the card I used is one slot size, a space in the back panel, but I intend to fill it with a plastic plate.
Yocto with Nocta FAN is very small and silent, feel so GOOD!!

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