I won't lie, cable management in a small form factor case like the Yocto can be very hard. The main culprit is the 24 pin cable that unfortunately is still standard on consumer motherboards. It adds a lot of cable bulk to the case, and the default HDPlex cable is a bit too long. Read on for some tips and advice on how to deal with that.

The problem:
24 pin cable

Depending on your motherboard, cables from the front panel may be a bit too long, but they're generally easy to manage as they are thin and flexible. The HDPlex cables, especially the 24 pin, are another story.

The default 24 pin cable is too long at 25 cm and part of it will have to be tucked away somewhere. There is little space between the HDPlex and the motherboard, so excess cable best goes between the power button and graphics card. Does the cable no stay in place? You can fix it to the threaded offsets from the USB connector using a cable tie.

There are some other solutions to reduce the excess cable, let's go over them.

Solution 1:
Cables ties

A lot can be done by tying the cables together with cable ties. There are holes in the riser that you can use, or alternatively, you can try to tie the 24 pin ATX cable to the CPU cooler or other cables.

Solution 2:
Custom cables

n3rdware offers special, made to length cables for the HDPlex GaN 250W unit for Yocto and Ronto cases. You can find them here.

If you're looking to make cables yourself or by a third party vendor,This is what you'll need:

  • Yocto: 180 mm 24-pin ATX cable and a 300 mm 8-pin PEG cable.
  • Ronto: 180mm 8-pin PEG cable, included HDPlex short 24-pin cable is perfect.

Solution 3:
J-Hack 2426

Probably the most elegant solution is the J-Hack 2426. This reduces the required cables from 24 to 6 by passing only 12V and some other required cables (ps_on, ps_good, etc.) and then converting the 12V to 5V and 3.3V on an ATX plug-in unit. This greatly reduces cable bulk, of course.

On top of that, you can choose between some predefined cable lengths. Choosing the standard ATX 24 pin at 180 mm gives a perfect result without any excess cable. 

Solution 4:
Meanwell power supply

The most thorough solution, but also the most complex, is replacing the HDPlex by a Meanwell power supply. Similar to the 2426 solution, you will only have wires for the 12V but all the other required signal wires (ps_on, ps_good, etc.) are also eliminated as these signals are generated by the ATX plugin unit.

This solution requires cutting, soldering and crimping your own wires though, so is only for advanced users. Read all about it here.