While the HDPlex 250W GaN AIO unit provides a great plug-and-play experience, some users may choose a 12V Meanwell power supply as it eliminates a lot of cable excess. It does, however, require custom cabling so is only for advanced users.

Compatible power supplies are the LSP-160 and the UHP-200. Along with the Meanwell AC-DC power supply, you will need a DC-ATX plug-in unit like the Mini-box picoPSU-160-XT.

Safety first!

Before we start, I want to emphasize that this should not be done by users without basic knowledge of electronics. We're dealing with high voltage applications that could be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Safety first!

AC intake

Still with us? Let's get started then!

For the AC intake, you will want a threaded IEC C6 (leaf clover) to M3 ring terminals. Wires should be about 22cm long to allow some slack.

The threads on the C6 should be M2.5 (they usually are).


Meanwell to DC-ATX cables

To wire the Meanwell to your DC-ATX plug in unit, you can cut the DC-ATX intake wires and crimp M3 ring terminals to them. A couple of centimeters of wire should do, but do allow for some slack. Make sure the cable can handle the current, you'll want at least AWG16 when there is only one positive and negative wire.

Putting it together

The power supply cannot be inserted while there is any hardware in the case, so take out everything first. Make sure the case feet are attached to the case before starting.

All ring terminals should be attached to the power supply before mounting it to the case. Make sure to check the datasheet for correct wiring!! The front of the case has M3 mounting points that fit both the LSP and the UHP. There are also mounting points for the HDPlex so make sure to pick the right ones.

When the power supply is attached, screw the leaf clover into the back but keep the DC-ATX out of the case for now. Insert the motherboard like usual and then insert the DC-ATX into the motherboard.

What about temperatures?

You may or may not have read, but the datasheet of both the LSP and the UHP advise the user to mount the power supply to an aluminium plate. Yocto does not have this mounting method, but the heat transfers well to the brass base plate too. In fact, I've been using my personal Yocto mith the Meanwell LSP-160 for over a year without temperature ever becoming an issue.

You can always add some thermal paste between the base plate and the power supply to improve thermal conductivity, but it should be fine either way.

Would you like a Yocto with a Meanwell power supply?

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