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Gigabyte RTX 4060 low profile with 170mm cooler

RTX 4060 LP 170mm cooler

The Gigabyte RTX 4060 low profile is a great card, but it's too long for many low profile cases. You can solve that issue with this custom heatsink, machined from pure copper. Combine it with the included 3D printed shroud, which mounts the 3 original fans, and you have a true ITX-length card.


RTX 4060 LP: a great card, but it's too long

The Gigabyte RTX 4060 low profile is an innovative little card and is the best consumer-grade low profile GPU. It comes with a large disadvantage, though: It is longer than 170 mm. Many low profile computer cases have a hard GPU clearance limit around 170 mm, so cannot fit this card.

In comes this product: a custom heatsink to take away that disadvantage. This heatsink will bring the card's length down to the general considered 'ITX length' of 170mm, making it compatible with all low profile computer cases.

What's required?

This set includes the heatsink, 3D printed shroud and mounting screws. The original thermal pads and fans are reused as they are good quality.

8 pin reverse adapter

You will need to provide some thermal paste for the chip. If you want to stay below 170 mm length, a reverse 8-pin adapter is required. The bend should be towards the locking clip. They are widely available on shops like Amazon or Aliexpress.

Due to the heatsink being smaller than the original, it will be louder after replacing the cooler. It is advised to undervolt your card to make it much quieter under load without losing any performance.


  • Material: 100% pure copper
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 50mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Compatible with: GeForce RTX 4060 OC Low Profile 8G
  • GPU dimensions after replacing heatsink: 170mm x 69mm x 40mm
  • Included:
    - Custom shroud, 3D printed from carbon fiber infused PETG
    - Mounting screw set


Important information

Replacing the heatsink of your graphics card will void the warranty, doing so is your own responsibility. Use this heatsink at your own risk, I cannot be held responsible for damage to your card during installation or usage of this heatsink.